Used Tyre Recycling and Tyre Collection Services.

Welcome to National Tyre Recovery Ltd, we specialise in Tyre Recycling UK and Waste Tyre Collections throughout the length and breadth of the UK. Are you looking to dispose of some old or unusable tyres? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We believe in making the process of recycling old tyres as easy as possible and have a variety of options available for our customers. Our Tyre Recycling UK collection service can be arranged daily, weekly or monthly for commercial businesses such as car dealerships and garages.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling used tyres, and we can process any tyre such as:


Car, Taxi and Van
Motorbike and Bicycle
Tractor and JCB

We believe in doing “Everything Properly” here at National Tyre Recovery. Our team are fully certified, insured and work in close cooperation with many Environmental Agencies. We also provide you with all the relevant paperwork so that you can rest assured that you are operating within the law and also helping the environment.

If you need your used tyres collecting, we offer a competitively priced and first class service to all our customers throughout the UK. If you would like to book our Tyre Recycling UK Service, please Request a Collection today using the contact form on the right, or call us to arrange on 01675 467 997.


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    Tyre Recycling

    Tyre Collection

    Recycling your old Used Tyres:


    In the UK we dispose of 40 million tyres each year. This creates around 450,000 tonnes of rubber that could damage our environment if they are not disposed of in a safe and responsible way. Thanks to our specialist equipment, we can take any of your car, truck, agricultural or bike tyres and give them a new lease of life. Your scrap tyres could become carpet underlay, road surfacing, cement kiln fuel or in recreational projects such as play areas.

    For a hassle-free, convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of your old tyres, please Request a Collection today using our contact form, or call us to arrange on 01675 467 997.

    Used Tyre Collection


    Our Tyre Recycling UK service is the perfect solution for any car dealer or garage that needs to dispose of their used tyres in an environmentally friendly way. We can help you eliminate any unwanted tyres by arranging daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly collections with our fleet of tyre collection vehicles. 

    Our collection service works around your business. Simply tell us when you would like us to collect your tyres, and we will come and collect within seven days. Our team will always confirm with you before we arrive and will supply you with full documentation for any waste that we collect from your site. You can provide this documentation to any Environmental Agencies as confirmation that your used tyres have been disposed of responsibly.

    If you would like to book our Used Tyre Collection Service, please Request a Collection today using our contact form, or call us to arrange on 01675 467 997.